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This truly gives that thing a run for the money…Hiboy Black Friday Deals… with the 9bot max Segway set out to make the perfect commuter scooter practical smooth and easy to use but they did miss the mark in a few spots nevertheless where the 9-bot max is doing not have the highboy s2 pro seems to shine considering that it’s really clear to me that the style team at highboy was attempting their best to compete with the 9bot max i’m going to review the s2 pro and compare it to the

9bot max along the way i’ve divided this review up into areas so if you’re curious about just one part of the scooter you can avoid to that area now otherwise buckle up and prepare for the full review alright beginning at the top we have actually got the handlebars which are 17 inches throughout on the handlebars we can see two grips which are 4.5 inches broad and 1.5 inch in size and have a grippy textured pattern to them unlike a great deal of other scooters the grips on this thing are protected to the bar in some way they do have about one thirty second of a rotation of play in them but it’s not possible to rotate them all the way around there’s absolutely nothing more frustrating than having grips that move around when i’m trying to ride i do wish the bars were a little wider

electrical bike so for starters this bike costs about 1400 I do have a link below this video in the description box so you can have a look at any current promos that might be going on this electric bike features a 48 volt 500 watt Center motor the top speed of this bike is listed at 22 the maximum speed that this motor will help you with depends on 22. it does have a Twist throttle in addition to 5 levels of pedal help that can be accessed here in the display screen the 500 watt Hub motor is powered by a 48 volt 15 amp hour battery that’s pretty well hidden in the frame of the bike you can access the charging port right here and the opposite has an option to insert keys to open the battery and after that you twist here and it will drop the battery out of the frame the maker of this battery is listed as xlx energy innovation Co at 15 amp hours this

battery does weigh a respectable quantity so for transportation or stairs it is possible to eliminate the battery or if you need to charge it beyond the bike you can take it out of the frame and charge it in an office according to the main site that’s 721 watt hour battery can power a 143 pound rider for 37 miles under pure electrical and no pedal assist or or 68 miles under pedal assist from my experience with batteries this is a pretty decently sized battery and we’ll be taking it out on the roadway here in simply a couple of and I’ll let you know how it feels to ride the Highboy p7 does have actually 9 gears paired to a Shimano Altus gear shifter and occurring back here we see it is a Shimano Altus derailleur along with far as I can see the 9 equipments are not branded by any particular producer talking about the weight and size of this bike I weighed it to be 56 pounds the optimum payload capacity of this bike is 265 pounds I didn’t see any specific information listed for minimum and optimum height for the bike however I’ll tell you that in my trip along here in just a moment how I feel about it for your recommendation right now I’m six foot 5 I weigh 195 pounds the bike does include a 2 amp battery charger so at the Watt hours of this battery that would take about 7.5 hours to charge this thing from empty a 2 amp charger is quite typical for bikes that we see in this rate range nevertheless in some cases we we do see 3 amp Chargers on some bikes if you’re not delighted with that charge time it is possible to upgrade your battery charger for a quite low-cost rate

on Amazon the Highboy p7 does come with mechanical disc brakes the disc brakes are branded Jack very brake and you likewise get the same exact Jack super brake on the rear of the bike discussing the convenience of the bike it does feature front suspension there is an open and lockout capability so there aren’t like adjustments on the suspension you either turn it on or off and after that on the left side of the fork there is a preload adjustment the Highboy p7 does feature 27.5 by 2.2 inch wide tires the tires are branded zc rubber presently I’m running the front tire on 46 PSI and the rear tire on 35 PSI the advised tire range is 35 PSI to 65 PSI these tires are a quite basic width and size for a commuter design bike and the tread on them looks like you might definitely take this on more than just streets here’s what the

I think that’s just my individual preference for aggressive and faster scooters i can’t actually fault highboy for having bars this narrow since most entry-level scooters do and likewise the wider the bars are the harder it gets to transfer or keep the scooter inconspicuously this scooter has 2 brakes an electronic brake in the front which has actually regenerative braking built into it as well as an analog disc brake in the back both brakes will activate the brake light in the rear as well as disengage the cruise control if you have actually got that locked on but we’ll get more into that later the lever for the electronic brake is on the left side of the handlebars and it has a red thumb pad which makes it much easier to identify from the throttle the electronic brake isn’t an on or off tight brake the dial will gradually increase the brake strength the farther you pull it down as it must however it’s hard to come to an emergency situation stop using just the electronic brake however that’s okay if you find yourself requiring to stop quickly you can pull the hand brake

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lever which will activate the electronic brake and the rear disc brake simultaneously it’s very possible to secure the rear tire with this brake that makes it type of enjoyable to move the rear end of the scooter around corners which is something you can’t do with the nine bot however it likewise produces a great emergency brake now the benefit to having two brake levers is that if you desire you can ride around using just the regen electronic brake to conserve as much battery as possible now i did do some acceleration and brake screening for this scooter in my minimum variety test and the scooter was able to stop from top speed in exactly 2.02 seconds which has to do with half a second faster than the 9bot max attached to the disc brake lever you can see there’s a little integrated belt which sounds lovely wonderful and is easy to use just draw back the black lever and a built-in spring will dent the bell for you at 12 inches away the bell measures 65 decibels where the bell for the 9 bot max measured 61 decibels a little louder [Music] behind the disc brake lever you’ll see the thumb throttle assembly now greater end scooters will typically have a trigger throttle which i personally prefer however this thumb triggered throttle makes it simpler for newer users to compare the gas and the brakes and some individuals might argue that it’s more ergonomic Hiboy Black Friday Deals is.

too if you have actually been a customer to the ginger on wheels channel for a while then you understand that i truly like to evaluate every gadget i get and i normally ride them until they break i checked the highboy s2 pro for weeks with incrementally more difficult and more difficult flights up until it lastly broke now what broke it was the throttle spring it may have been and probably was my fault however i’ll relay a little idea to you if you’re riding the scooter on extreme off-road surface or leaping this thing off stairs or other crazy things you ought to be conscious of how much down force you apply to the throttle i had it held down all the way when i leapt a set of stairs and when i landed i exerted excessive force on the throttle and it in fact broke the spring system inside the head unit [Music] now for 99 of individuals using the scooter for simple transportation this will never ever be an issue but for some it might be the repair for the problem is to change the entire handlebar assembly now this is where things get actually undecided for highboy